Who is Advanced Pavement Group?

The premier provider of pavement installation and maintenance throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. The reliable, responsive and quality solution.

We know hard surface management, installation, and maintenance.

Asphalt maintenance, pothole repair, infrared asphalt repair, asphalt milling and paving, concrete sidewalk and curb installation, concrete maintenance, concrete sealing, water reclamation, drainage installation and maintenance, sitework, trenching, septic, parking lot sweeping, garage and warehouse floor scrubbing, and property site assessments are what we do.

Our Vision:

Simply to be the best, by executing as an Academy Class Organization, making us the logical choice in the Pavement Installation and Maintenance Market.

How DO we do it?
Advanced Thinking.

Having gathered some of the leading experts in the industry, Advanced Pavement Group has positioned itself as a top tier provider of solution development regarding asphalt, concrete, and drainage. Applying experience and continued education, we have developed efficiency models which streamline reconstruction and maintenance processes.

Advanced Technology.

Applying the most advanced mapping technologies, surveying techniques and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Advanced Pavement Group ensures that every project is enhanced with the latest in industry methodologies.

Advanced Commitment.

We have built a culture of integrity and excellence. Advanced Pavement Group recruits some of the best individuals in their respective disciplines. This coupled with unique development plans geared towards elevating our people to the heights of their potential, has been instrumental in our success. As a result, we’ve enabled an impactful organization with a unified vision and shared goals.

Advanced Performance.

The entirety of our efforts aims to pursue top industry performance, only at the highest level and with adamant consistency. By aligning our approach, leveraging our technological advantages and fostering shared values, Advanced Pavement Group is able to deliver a quality hard surface and/or support product every time.