Advanced Pavement Group Safety Policy                                         

As an organization dedicated to professionalism and operational excellence, Advanced Pavement Group is committed to conducting our business responsibly. The privilege to deliver Academy Class asphalt, concrete, drainage installation and maintenance services is a responsibility that we take seriously. At Advanced Pavement Group, we understand the most important task is ensuring the safety of our people, customers, visitors, contractors, communities we serve, and the environment. We define ourselves by the safety, quality and excellence that we deliver. We earn the respect, confidence, and trust of our stakeholders by executing on these principles.

Advanced Pavement Group’s Safety Commitment
  • We comply with and go beyond workplace safety regulations that are aligned to the customers, industries, geographies and locations where we operate.
  • We regularly conduct training on our important responsibility to maintain safe and healthy workplaces and jobsites.
  • We strive to consistently improve our occupational safety performance.
  • We take ownership of achieving our safety goals, and encourage the involvement of our employees, clients, customers, and partners.
  • We actively build a culture where safety is prominent and reducing risk is rewarded.
  • We empower our people to stop any job that is of concern regarding their personal safety, the safety of others, or the safety of our services.
Advanced Pavement Group’s Safety Responsibility

At Advanced Pavement Group, ensuring workplace safety is the responsibility of every member of our team. We foster an environment where our people take pride in their role of providing services in a safe manner. We expect every employee to take pride in their role in providing safe service while producing the best work quality and service our clients expect. Our leadership, our crews, our policies, our procedures, and our standards reflect a commitment to safety first – everyday, everywhere, and on every job. We are committed to live our safety promise every day to provide excellence to those we serve.

Joseph J. Tinney Jr. Signature

Joseph J. Tinney Jr.

Chief Executive Officer