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Green Ways Plus

With over 20 years of experience in snow and ice management services,
combined with better technology, we offer the best performance
products for any winter storm scenario. Whether you’re looking
for environmentally responsible liquid anti-icers or de-icers, we do
more than just provide you with the products, we will train your personnel
and assist you every step of the way.

Green Ways Plus does not represent any one product. We have aligned ourselves with the best products to fit any type of winter event. Through extensive research of dozens of products on the market, we have created a product line that outperforms the competition in availability and price. Green Ways Plus is always on the leading edge of snow and ice management technologies and we are passing this information along to you so that you can better serve your clients.

Whether you’re a national service provider, maintenance supervisor, engineer, municipal worker, property manager, contractor or consumer, we can help you find the solutions to all your winter maintenance needs. We have a growing network of distributors throughout the Northeast in order to provide quick access and delivery of products.

Environment & Safety — “Watershed Area Approved”
Green Ways Plus offers products that are NY State approved for use in watershed areas as well as areas adjacent to wetlands and fragile ecosystems. With products that are safer for pets, landscaping, concrete, and around water systems, GWP delivers performance and safety when
and where you need it most.
Green Ways Plus – Distributor Success Through Support
Knowledge is power. We offer free team training, product brochures, supporting literature, product samples, and 24-hour support. These are just a few of the ways we are committed to supporting our customers and distributors. We are here 24/7/365 to assist with product support, purchasing and troubleshooting best practices for a given winter event. Through continuing education in the market, Green Ways Plus will always be able to offer the best products


A complete line of liquid application equipment, including pre-wet systems, truck/UTV – mounted sprayers & more.

Applying Liquid De-Icer

We can help with:


Liquid Anti-Icing

Sidewalk Sprayers

Bagged Products

Truck Sprayers

“Treated” Bulk Salt


The resources you need to evaluate options and select materials that will optimize your snow management services /performance.

Agricultural Treated De-Icers   .   Liquid Anti-Icers   .   Non Chloride Products

Ice MeltPallet of Ice Melt

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Environmentally responsible

Safer around pets, landscaping, concrete and water systems

Applied days or minutes before the storm to eliminate hardpack and ice formation

Reduce required salting applications by up to 50%

Reduce labor requirements in snow fighting process

GWP liquid anti-icers and granular deicers are formulated to create a liquid barrier between roadway and walkway surfaces. Our Agricultural de-icer will provide melting performance as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. GWP products have been formulated as an agricultural (AG) by-product that contains highly effective liquid de-icing agents made from patented blends and corrosion inhibitors. Our corrosion inhibitors reverse the corrosion process and have a corrosion index rating that is less than distilled water.



Seminars, videos, and cutting edge resources on liquid applications by leading snow and ice industry experts.

Jason Ciavarro Training a Class

We aim to empower our partners with continued education and access to resources.

Contact us to find out about training opportunities.