Technology is an important part of what we do. At Advanced Pavement Group, we have infused technology into every aspect of our daily operations, systems and installations. We view our ability to implement the latest technological advantages as imperative to our ability to improve the value we deliver to our customers.

What does this mean for our partners?

  1. Every Sales Estimator is armed with a tablet, housing the latest mapping technologies. This means that estimates not only happen faster, but with much more accuracy. Areas, phases and approximate square footages can all be determined onsite and shown to a customer in real time.
  2. We utilize drones to not only survey large areas, but to perform on site progress reports when necessary. This allows property owners and managers who cannot be local onsite, the ability to view projects. We can also perform post project surveying, which can provide a view of any project in its totality.
  3. Our estimating department utilizes the latest mapping and estimating software to plan projects with amazing accuracy. This provides customers with cost estimations that reflect very specific scopes of work and property needs. Our detailed proposals are designed to outline every project from start to finish with every consideration accounted for.
  4. Our logistics and scheduling departments employ scheduling tools alongside weather and traffic data to best prepare to execute repairs and installations efficiently and without interruption.
  5. Operations and project managers are all equipped with tablets to share information in real time with our dispatching department, estimating department, and the Sales Estimator who first viewed the site. This allows all parties to communicate necessary information about specifics of the job, potential issues, and customer needs without interruption.