Recognizing short and long term implications of damages in your hard surfaces, planning projects to best apply budget dollars and producing a profile for every property takes more than just an asphalt or concrete contractor. Specialization, expertise and bandwidth require an organization structured to provide exemplary service consistently across your portfolio and over an extended period of time. This produces the most value for you and your property.

Advanced Pavement Group can coordinate small and large projects across multiple disciplines and properties, delivering the highest quality asphalt, concrete and drainage projects, such as: repairing asphalt damage like potholes, crack sealing and sealcoating a parking lot, pouring concrete to support a generator for a major hospital, paving hundreds of thousands of square feet of a major retail parking lot, or installing specialized drainage systems for structures residing in areas with high water tables. No matter the scope, Advanced Pavement Group has the equipment, talent and financial strength to execute at the highest level.