Devonshire Hills Apartments – Hauppauge, NY

This large apartment complex was in need of some major asphalt repair and reconstruction throughout the property. With a strict budget in place, Advanced Pavement Group’s team was able to identify the areas to tackle in 2019. The project was completed in early September with a major roadway and parking area within the complex being milled and paved.

Condition of the asphalt assets on the property prior to reconstruction.

Prior condition - Devonshire Prior condition 2 - Devonshire Prior Condition 3 - Devonshire

The Advanced Pavement Group team during construction.

During - Devonshire During 2 - Devonshire

The finished product.

After - Devonshire After 2 - Devonshire Apartments After 3 - Devonshire Apartments

Customer Testimonial

It is always rewarding to hear positive feedback from our customers. After the project was complete, the client was kind enough to share their thoughts in this video.