Site Assessment Plan

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Advanced Pavement Group’s Site Assessment Plan (S.A.P.) is designed to arm you with knowledge, resources and solutions. This inspection, evaluation and planning service will help you identify and combat defects and trip hazards, as well as plan for future maintenance repairs.

A Systematic Approach to Maintenance Services

Is the condition of your asphalt & concrete surfaces free from open potholes or uneven / broken sidewalks? Would a report showing the visibility and data of your properties current conditions help you make better informed decisions in managing maintenance and risk? Would a monitoring system help you track your maintenance effectiveness?

Implementing the right maintenance repairs at the right time provides not only curb appeal but asset longevity. Our S.A.P. will guide you to make informed decisions and prepare accurate planning initiatives. Plus, we’ll help you compare Pro-Active dollars vs. Re-Active dollars!

What can you expect?

A comprehensive & detailed overview of your: Sidewalks & Curbing, Storm Drains, Parking Areas, Roads & Drive Lanes , Delivery Areas, Dumpster Pads, Retaining Walls

Annual inspections of your property including: Pavement Cracking, Potholes & Asphalt Defects, Overall Asphalt & Concrete Conditions, Catch Basins, Safety Needs, Potential Hazards, Pavement Markings, Complete ADA Compliance

Additional benefits:

Reduce Tenant & Customer Complaints

More Effectively Budget and Plan Annual Maintenance Processes

Increase Appeal to Tenants and the Public, Increase Earnings Potential

Reduce Exposure to Liabilities