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Educational Institutions - Property Services

A few of our objectives include:

  • Catering to school schedules; working when school is not in session.
  • Ensuring the safety of your students, faculty and staff.
  • Avoid impacting your daily operations.
  • Following all safety regulations and managing the proper permits.

Adding Value with Asphalt, Concrete, and Drainage Assets

Great looking facilities are more attractive to potential students and visitors. Therefore building and maintaining environments is important to the sustainability of educational institutions. Because of this fact, parking lots, concrete sidewalks, and drainage systems all impact property health.

What matters here?

Most noteworthy, asphalt parking lots that are free of potholes, have a clear flow of traffic, and enough parking stalls are best.

Certainly sidewalks, which often lead to entrances, should be even and safe.

In addition, curbing should be the proper height as to not pose a tripping hazard.

Also, storm water should be managed with adequate drainage systems.

Therefore all your assets attribute to the overall health of your property.

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First of all, do you own or manage an educational institution?

Hence, does your property contain and require maintenance on asphalt, concrete and drainage assets?

So, do you want to streamline maintenance and major construction planning?

Similarly, do you want to reduce the time spent reacting to issues?

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