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Asphalt, Concrete, Drainage, and Maintenance Services

In order to best service our partners with healthcare facilities, we deliver solutions that consider the impact on patients and staff. Also, recognizing that property and building access is essential, phasing of projects, coordination of crews, and work hours are always our top consideration.

As a result, we are able to service hospitals, doctors offices, and care facilities with superior asphalt, concrete, drainage, and maintenance services.

Therefore, being responsive to sudden repair needs, maintaining appropriate safety practices, and minimizing impact on the facility helps us to provide our healthcare partners services that are specific to their needs. For example, we would ensure entrances and exits of buildings and parking lots are consistently accessible while work is underway.

In addition, developing maintenance plans through site assessments, we deliver valuable data that can help manage installation and maintenance of asphalt, concrete, and drainage systems at a single hospital location or across multiple properties in a group of care facilities.


Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Adhere to safety guidelines and practices for healthcare facilities and hospitals.
  • Ensure building exits and entrances are accessible.
  • Make sure parking lot entrances and exits are accessible.
  • Conscious of the needs of patients, staff, and patrons.

Adding Value with Asphalt, Concrete, and Drainage Assets

Healthcare facilities need to be accessible for staff, patrons and patients. Therefore maintaining safe parking lot and concrete sidewalk conditions is important. So, well planned maintenance, alongside good standards and practices, will help create a safe environment.

What matters here?

Most noteworthy, asphalt parking lots that are free of potholes, have a clear flow of traffic, and enough parking stalls are best.

Certainly sidewalks, which often lead to entrances, should be even and safe. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance is also important here.

In addition, curbing should be the proper height as to not pose a tripping hazard.

Also, storm water should be managed with adequate drainage systems.

Therefore all your assets attribute to the overall health of your property.

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First of all, do you own, manage, or sit on the board of a healthcare facility or hospital?

Hence, does your property contain and require maintenance on asphalt, concrete and drainage assets?

So, do you want to streamline maintenance and major construction planning?

Similarly, do you want to reduce the time spent reacting to issues?


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