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Reflective Space


Asphalt, Concrete, Drainage, and Maintenance Services

Our partners with religious institutions, cemeteries, and funeral homes require sensitivity to the purpose and function of their location. To best provide exceptional service, we recognize that we must work to not impact services, not be an overbearing physical presence, and work at times that limit the possibility of disturbing guests.

We are able to add value for our reflective space partners by being able to respond quickly to immediate repair needs, prioritize and phase maintenance to reduce impact, and create safe environments for property guests.

Reflective Spaces

Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Avoid working on days of worship, services or during funerals.
  • We adhere to safety guidelines and practices.
  • Our professionals are conscious of the needs of staff, patrons and members.
  • We work with your budgetary needs.

Great looking properties are more appealing to visitors of reflective spaces. Due to that fact, great looking parking lots and concrete sidewalks are essential to these types of locations.  Furthermore, roadways, parking lots, concrete sidewalks, and drainage systems are often among the first thing visitors see on a property. Therefore, taking care of these assets is a smart investment.

What matters here?

Most noteworthy, asphalt roadways and parking lots free of potholes and with a clear flow of traffic are best.

Certainly, sidewalks, which often lead to amenities and entrances, should be even and safe.

In addition, curbing should be the proper height as to not pose a tripping hazard.

Also, storm water should be managed with adequate drainage systems.

Therefore all your assets attribute to the overall health of your property.

First of all, do you own or manage a reflective space?

Hence, does your property contain and require maintenance on asphalt, concrete and drainage assets?

So, do you want to streamline maintenance and major construction planning?

Similarly, do you want to reduce the time spent reacting to issues?

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