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Asphalt, Concrete, Drainage, and Maintenance Services

To best serve the unique needs of retail properties, we are committed to providing services that focus on creating a safe environment for patrons and tenants. In addition, an aesthetically appealing appearance and a product with longevity and sustainability can increase tenant retention and patronage.

Therefore, to achieve this for our retail partners without impacting their business, we focus on responding to immediate repair needs, providing cost-effective maintenance solutions to minimize the future need for larger more costly repairs, and phasing large construction and reconstruction projects as to not halt operations.

Above all, our site assessment plan option can help retail property owners and managers recognize the immediate and future needs of a property or properties. In addition, it can be helpful in prioritizing budget dollars to best manage hard surfaces at those locations.


Our superior service for retail and shopping centers include several highlights:

  • Conducting construction in a manner that does not impact store operations.
  • Keeping all establishments open in a shopping center during construction.
  • Ensuring minimal impact on customers and employees.
  • Making sure entrances and exits of parking lots are accessible.
  • Making sure building exits and entrances are accessible.

Great looking properties increase in value for property owners of retail locations. Due to that fact, great looking parking lots and concrete sidewalks attract tenants and customers.  Furthermore, roadways, parking lots, concrete sidewalks, and drainage systems are often among the first thing visitors see on a property. Therefore, taking care of these assets is a smart investment.

What matters here?

Most noteworthy, asphalt roadways and parking lots free of potholes and with a clear flow of traffic are best.

Certainly, sidewalks, which often lead to amenities and entrances, should be even and safe.

In addition, curbing should be the proper height as to not pose a tripping hazard.

Also, storm water should be managed with adequate drainage systems.

Therefore all your assets attribute to the overall health of your property.

First of all, do you own or manage a retail property?

Hence, does your property contain and require maintenance on asphalt, concrete and drainage assets?

So, do you want to streamline maintenance and major construction planning?

Similarly, do you want to reduce the time spent reacting to issues?

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