September 2019 Quarterly Newsletter

Advanced Pavement Group Quarterly Newsletter

September 2019



  1. Project Spotlight
  2. Employee Recognition
  3. 2019 Projects
  4. Winter Prep


Project Spotlight

During 2 - Devonshire During - Devonshire After 2 - Devonshire Apartments

2019 has been filled with many memorable projects. It is always rewarding to hear positive feedback from our customers. Recently we completed a project involving the roadway and parking area of an apartment complex. The customer provided us with a video testimonial. Learn more about this project and view the testimonial here…

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Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Images

Our employees make up the best team in the industry. Many of our customers and partners know some of them, but many talented individuals help make Advanced Pavement Group great every day. To share the exceptional members of our team and their accomplishments, we have instituted an Employee Recognition program. Check out our recognized employees of 2019.

Employee Recognition

Find out why our team is the best in this video by Advanced Pavement Group.



2019 Projects

Sealcoat Project DE  Paver Paving Parking Lot

There is still time to get a project on the calendar for 2019. Advanced Pavement Group has branch locations in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Our knowledgeable team is standing by to help you organize, plan, price, and execute construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance projects across a wide variety of service categories. Take a look at some of the services Advanced Pavement Group offers.




Winter Prep

Winter Prep  Snow Plow

Winter is right around the corner. Aside from having your Snow Management lined up for this season, there are other considerations. Ice Management is an important part of winter property management. Advanced Pavement Group offers a variety of ice management solutions, including our Green Ways Plus Granular and Liquid Ice Melt products. Check out our Green Ways Plus products and services here. Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members today!

Green Ways Plus


Let’s Talk About Your Next Project

Find out for yourself why there is so much buzz around Advanced Pavement Group. Let us help you with your next project.