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September 2018



Welcoming Fernando Villa

Recent Publications

Consider Concrete Polyurethane Raising

Concrete Poly-Raising Process Video

Advanced Pavement Group welcomes a new Environmental, Health & Safety Expert


 We are excited to welcome Fernando Villa to the team.  Fernando joins Advanced Pavement Group as Director of Environmental, Health & Safety.He brings over 20 years of experience in safety compliance and risk management. 


Fernando Villa

Director of Environmental, Health & Safety

Advanced Pavement Group



Recent Publications

Advanced Pavement Group is excited to have been featured in and had its team members published in industry publications and newsletters. Here are some recent publications that we are proud to have been a part of.


Advanced Pavement Group’s Vice President of Finance, Patricia Ventura authored an article in a recent issue of Community Trends for Community Associations Institute, New Jersey.

One Unsafe Step Forward… Many Costly Steps Back 

Property managers and owners are tasked with maintaining properties by investigating and resolving owner complaints, enforcing rules of occupancy, inspecting vacant units, completing repairs, planning renovations and contracting with service providers such as landscapers and snow management companies.

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Advanced Pavement Group’s Director of Business Development, Ralph Cerullo recently had an article published in the Community Associations Institute Long Island Chapter Newsletter.

When Trends Trend in Your Favor – Capitalizing on Community Growth and Growing Value in Your Community

Community living is on the rise in the United States. Since their inception in the 1970’s, community -governed models have steadily risen from 10,000 communities in 1970 to 342,000 at the end of 2016, according to the results of the National and State Statistical Review for 2016 conducted by the Community Associations Institute.

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Advanced Pavement Group was featured in the August 2018 issue of Construction in Focus. In the article, Advancing to the Next Level, Advanced Pavement Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Joseph J. Tinney Jr. was interviewed about the current growth and future of the organization.

Advancing to the Next Level

Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Advanced Pavement Group (APG) provides extensive asphalt, concrete, drainage, and maintenance services including asphalt milling, paving, pavement maintenance, concrete, masonry and hardscaping, excavation, and site work. It works on everything from small parking lots to massive retail centers, roadways, and office parks, serving clients across the Northeast.

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Consider Concrete Poly Raising 

Concrete replacement might be the correct solution in many situations. However, in some instances sunken concrete may not have to be replaced. Replacement may mean inconveniencing tenants, employees, and patrons at a location. An alternative to concrete replacement, polyurethane concrete raising can be far cheaper and less invasive when applicable.

5/8″ Injection holes are drilled into the concrete. Injection ports are inserted. High density polyurethane foam is injected to raise the concrete.

Poly – Raising can be applied for Raising, Stabilization, and Void Filling.

Lightweight Material
Weighs only 2-4 lbs per cubic foot.
Holes are no bigger than a dime.
Quick Cure Time
Areas are ready for use 15 minutes after
Cost Effective
Raising is far less expensive than removing
and replacing concrete.
Can be utilized under water or in wet
Moisture Barrier
Polyurethane material is resistant to water

Concrete Poly-Raising Process Video