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Snow & Ice


As seasoned snow removal experts, our mission is for your employees, customers, residents, and visitors to arrive safe and on time.

Premium Snow Management

Commercial Snow Plowing in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. requires skill, experience and reliability. The unpredictable and extreme weather can bring businesses and commercial properties to a dead stop, as well as everyday complications in transportation logistics. That’s where Advanced Pavement Group can help. Our mission is for your employees, customers, residents and suppliers, to arrive safe and on time.

Services Provided:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Relocation
  • Liquid Anti-Icing
  • Granular De-Icing
  • Liquid De-Icing
  • Municipal Dump Truck Plowing

Agricultural Based De-Icers

At Advanced Pavement Group, we employ a variety of agricultural based products. We can easily and efficiently customize a program to fit your needs. Our various de-icing products are far less harmful on your asphalt and concrete assets, with working temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Contact us to receive additional information, or, schedule an educational presentation to see how implementing AG treated granular and liquid products can save you time and money.

Liquid Application Equipment

By now we have all seen how municipalities are applying liquids prior to an event. Here at Advanced Pavement Group we are completely outfitted to apply liquids to sidewalks, parking lots and roadways.


Snow & ice Management, Large Parking Lot

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