Whether considering a reconstruction or new construction project involving a parking lot, roadway, or other asphalt pavement surface, it is essential to understand the process of installation. There are many considerations when deciding what scope of work is right for your project. If you own or manage a commercial property in Bar Harbor, NY, you probably have some specific goals for the location.

In this article, we aim to clarify the process by which pavement is installed and put into perspective what to consider when tackling a new project.

Step 1: Removing the Existing Surface

Heavy machinery and equipment such as bobcats, front loaders, milling machines, and dump trucks are employed to remove the existing surface and base material. The materials are then removed from the site and brought to a designated location for disposal.

Step 2: Grading the Area

Grading the area is very important to ensure that stormwater drains appropriately on the property. With enough drainage capacity and the correct grading, stormwater management in Bar Harbor NY will never be a problem.

Step 3: Prepare the Base Material

Sub-base material, consisting of larger aggregates, is essential to the structural integrity of the paved surface. Once installed by a leading Bar Harabor NY Asphalt Paving provider, the base material is thoroughly compacted to guarantee that the final product will be structurally sound and have a long lifecycle.

Step 4: Binder Course Installation

The binder course is generally thicker and utilizes larger aggregates than the top course to create a stable surface. Once in place, the binder course is rolled and compacted. This layer will support the wearing course, which will be the point of contact for vehicle traffic. It is important that the binder course is durable and provides the necessary strength.

Step 5: Installation of the Wearing Course

The wearing course, or top course, is built utilizing smaller aggregates to give a smooth appearance. Once in place, the wearing course is rolled and compacted. This course will not only provide a smooth driving experience but also, an aesthetically appealing finished product.

Proper installation of your new asphalt surface is critical. Parking lot construction will affect its performance throughout its life. Initiating a plan for maintenance is also vital, as regular maintenance and repair will help prolong the life of your asset. Crack sealing and sealcoating services offered by Pavement installation companies in Bar Harbor NY, are a cost-effective way to preserve your asphalt surfaces.

Depending on the current condition of existing surfaces, there are different reconstruction options to owners and managers replacing a parking lot or roadway. Consulting a professional pavement installation and maintenance provider in Bar Harbor NY is a great way to start.

For new construction projects in New York, consulting an engineer will help to determine specifics for construction. Having a clear scope of work will help guide the contractor selection process. Regardless of the project, selecting a professional company that you trust and can verify capabilities is essential.